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Pharmaceutical Measuring Equipment / Pharmaceutical Weighing Solutions / Pharmaceutical Test Instruments

Pharmaceutical Measuring Equipment / Pharmaceutical Weighing Solutions / Pharmaceutical Test Instruments

PCE Instruments manufactures but also resells products in the fields of pharmaceutical measuring equipment, pharmaceutical weighing solutions, laboratory equipment and control systems. PCE Instruments was founded by three graduate engineers in Germany in 1999 and the UK subsidiary PCE Instruments UK Ltd was founded in 2011. The wide range of pharmaceutical test instruments can be used in nearly any sector and are mainly sold B2B but also B2C. Pharmaceutical companies frequently use PCE Instruments’ pH meters, viscometers, refractometers, moisture balances and laboratory balances. Most products are available with an optional calibration certificate and other accessories like additional sensors, storage and calibration solutions, etc.

pH Meter

In the pharmaceutical measuring equipment sector, pH meters are mainly used to produce medicine and to prepare pure and ultrapure water. At PCE Instruments, about 25 different models are available. Most of these are hand-held models whereas a few are for fixed installation. A few models are available in different pharmaceutical measuring equipment versions, with the right electrode for the material to be tested, for instance for meat, cosmetics or soil. As the longevity of a pH electrode is limited, PCE Instruments offers affordable replacement electrodes for most models. Some pH meters have a memory function and some more basic models do not. The possibility to transfer measured data to a computer for further evaluation can be very helpful in some applications but might mot be needed in others. Where the environmental humidity is high, it is important that the pH tester has the right IP protection. If a medium warmer than 15 °C is measured, a model with automatic temperature compensation (ATC) is recommended. Customers who are not sure what specific model to choose can always get in touch with PCE Instruments’ technical support who can assist in finding the right model for the customer’s application.

Pharmaceutical Measuring Equipment / Pharmaceutical Weighing Solutions – Viscometer

Viscometers are often used to monitor the production process and to carry out quality checks as pharmaceutical test instruments. Modern viscosity meters are designed in a way that they are able to measure a wide viscosity range and therefore can be used for viscosity measurements of many fluid materials like paints, chemical and pharmaceutical products. PCE Pharmaceutical Test Instruments offers a selection of handheld / portable, benchtop and in-process, viscometers that measure the absolute / dynamic (shear) and kinematic viscosity of fluids in real time. Handheld viscometers are used for simple, single-point measurements in the field and in laboratories. Benchtop or stationary viscosity meters are often used for a more detailed examination of liquid samples. PCE Instruments sells viscometers with different measurement ranges and accuracies, various shear rates or rotational speed ranges, for Newtonian, non-Newtonian, dilatant (shear thickening) as well as thixotropic (shear thinning) and plastic fluids.


PCE’s Pharmaceutical Weighing Solutions offer a wide variety of pharmaceutical measuring equipment and has a considerable number of refractometers in their range of products. These include portable as well as handheld, digital and Abbe refractometers for use in various industries including food processing, brewing, winemaking and the pharmaceutical sector to measure per cent (%) Brix, the salt content (salinity), the water content, the sugar content, Baumé (°Bé), Oechsle (°Oe), the alcohol content or specific gravity (sg) of transparent or semitransparent fluids, suspensions, mixtures, dispersions, emulsions, concentrations, pastes and substances such as brines, wine, liquor, antifreeze, ethanol, propylene glycol, ethylene glycol, electrolyte solutions and chemicals. These are only very few examples.

Pharmaceutical Measuring Equipment / Pharmaceutical Weighing Solutions – Moisture Balance

The Loss on Drying (LOD) method moisture balances work with is a reliable and easy way to test moisture parameters. A heating element dries a particular sample and then compares the weight before and after drying. Moisture balances are particularly beneficial for weighing solid samples and are widely used in the pharmaceutical, the medical and the chemical industry. Even though PCE Instruments’ online shop offers only a few models, customers will most certainly find a model with the right weighing range, resolution and accuracy for their application. Some models can be connected to a PC to analyse the collected data. A moisture analyser with weighing function from PCE’s Pharmaceutical Test Instruments commonly comes with some sample pans, a sample cup holder, a power cable and an English user manual. Spare parts like aluminium sample pans or glass fiber filters can be purchased when ordering the scales or afterwards.

Laboratory Balance

Another pharmaceutical measuring equipment PCE offer are laboratory balances are used for particularly accurate measurements where very low weights must be determined. Therefore, PCE Instruments’ laboratory balances are very commonly used in the pharmaceutical and medical sector, for example when solutions are prepared, when components are mixed together or new substances are tested. However, they are also used in quality control. Readings are shown in mg, g or kg and most models are very compact in size. PCE Instruments’ considerable range of laboratory balances includes analytical balances (with the highest accuracy classes 1 and 2), microbalances, top loading balances and others. Some laboratory scales have useful additional functions like averaging, piece counting, control weighing and percentage weighing. Others have features like an internal calibration function and overload protection.

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