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METTLER TOLEDO – Pharmaceutical Vision Inspection Solutions / Pharmaceutical Serialisation Software

Pharmaceutical Vision Inspection Solutions / Pharmaceutical Serialisation Software

METTLER TOLEDO provides global printing and verification pharmaceutical vision inspection solutions and pharmaceutical serialisation software.

Working with subsidiary Pharmacontrol Electronic (PCE), the company’s label hardware and software pharmaceutical vision inspection solutions print unique serial numbers on cartons to enable full traceability of the production and packaging processes. The systems gather production data and upload it to either a database on-site or a Cloud-based storage solution.

Data can be easily exported and used as part of the process documentation requirements in the pharmaceutical industry

The METTLER TOLEDO portfolio covers a wide range of packaging sizes, from single items to ready-for-shipment pallets, supporting aggregation throughout the entire packaging and shipping process.

Pharmaceutical Vision Inspection Systems for labelling and serialisation applications

Specialising in Track & Trace solutions, METTLER TOLEDO PCE has provided smart pharmaceutical vision inspection systems for more than 25 years.

This extensive experience has given the company a unique ability to follow serialisation trends in the pharmaceutical industry, building software to prepare manufacturers for anticipated regulatory developments.

The easy-to-use equipment functions smoothly and integrates into existing production process, mitigating the impact on overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Pharmaceutical Serialisation Software for centralised control of serialisation processes

The METTLER TOLEDO PCE Line Manager pharmaceutical serialisation software enables centralised control of serialisation processes across the production line.

The pharmaceutical serialisation software allows manufacturers to instantly view production statistics and manage batches from anywhere on the production floor. It also generates the necessary documentation for compliance with pharmaceutical serialisation software requirements to ensure high process safety within pharmaceutical packaging lines.

Reliable and fast code-reading technology combined with individually configured camera monitoring allows for smooth, high-quality inspection.

Pharmaceutical Track & Trace applications

Utilising PCE’s hardware and pharmaceutical serialisation software in Track & Trace applications help companies detect and stop counterfeit products.


METTLER TOLEDO’s printing and inspection solutions equipment provide pharmaceutical manufacturers with security, ease-of-use, and cutting-edge technology.

The company provides key product pharmaceutical vision inspection solutions for the packaging process, including check weighers, metal detection and X-ray inspection.

PCE’s optical control systems utilize simple-to-use image processing interfaces, which provide data on all levels of process management


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