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Material Flow Solutions – Pharmaceutical Solids Flow Specialists

Pharmaceutical Solids Flow Specialists

Dedicated to providing cost effective engineered solutions based on measurement of key material flow properties, we combine material property testing with 40 years consulting experience to solve any flow and handling problems facing today’s producers of fine powders.  Our services as pharmaceutical solids flow specialists extend to pharmaceutical, chemical, food, nutraceutical and all bulk material handling industries.  We have helped our customers solve issues with degradation, segregation, erratic flow, caking, off-spec product, system failure, system plug, blending issues, and system scale-up.

In-House Material Testing Lab

If you have a bulk solid – we can characterize it.

Services available in our in-house testing laboratories where we offer our excellent service as pharmaceutical solids flow specialists, include, but are not limited to: arching index, attrition and degradation, blender performance, bulk density, dissolution rate, drying rate, contact angle, friction angle, gas/volatile release rate, heat capacity and heat conductivity, moisture sorption and desorption, particle sizing, permeability, rathole index, segregation potential, surface tension, unconfined yield strength, wear rates, and zeta potential.

Pharmaceutical Solids Flow Specialists -Product Design

Often engineers are asked to develop a product that must operate using existing plant equipment while, at the same time, providing specified characteristics for customers.  Focusing on the relationship between material properties and product design, we measure the particle scale and bulk scale properties of components that create your product.  Product behavior can be predicted and optimized by using these measurements in our product design models.

Process Design

Measuring bulk scale properties of key product components is the first step to designing optimal process configurations that minimize segregation, prevent hang-ups, and ensure reliable flow. Analysis extends to handling facilities, blenders, anti-segregation devices, feeder designs, agglomerators, and mill operations. Designing consistent with material flow properties ensures robust process operation, even during startup conditions. Your custom designed processes will be robust enough to allow “right the first time” operation and “just in time” inventory management.

FEM AND DEM Modelling

Predict flow issues before they happen.  Using our finite element (FEM) and discrete element (DEM) modeling capabilities, we model your process and predict flow behavior of your material through the system.

Pharmaceutical Solids Flow Specialists – On-Site Seminars on Powder Handling

We have a set of seminar topics specifically for your pharmaceutical solids flow specialists process and product engineers to help them design material handling systems, design better products, and successfully select unit operations compatible with critical material properties. This proven approach allows engineers to optimize plant performance and make your operation more productive. We offer 1-day, 2-day and 3-day custom seminars with topics chosen from any of the subjects listed: designing successful powder product, preventing segregation, reducing agglomeration, minimizing attrition (degradation), designing bins, hoppers & feeders, optimizing blender design & operation, mill operations.

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