Contract Manufacturing

Lomapharm® – Contract Manufacturing of Mineral Based Drugs and Nutrition Supplements

offer fully integrated supply chain solutions. We provide the mineral based active ingredient as well as we accompany our partners from development and optimisation of formulations over GMP manufacturing up to the finished packaged product. Benefit from our expert knowledge in development and manufacturing of mineral salt-based products and nutrition supplements. We concentrate both on solid dose formulations and liquid formulations in this special field.


Lomapharm® is a first class specialist in manufacturing of mineral salt based pharmaceuticals, e.g. iron based drugs, medical devices or nutrition supplements. By our sister company, Dr Paul Lohmann GmbH KG, we have direct and short-term access to high quality/purity active mineral ingredient. To improve the active ingredient according to your requirements, to develop or optimise formulations are core competencies you can rely on.

Once established your formulation can be processed to granules with defined particle size through compaction or classic granulation and compressed to tablets. Our compression machines eject up to 250,000 tablets per hour with a total capacity of more than 1 billion tablets.


Sugar coating of tablets is an art. Based on a strong background of experiences of our coating specialists we can offer unique expertise in sugar coating of tablets. The use of modern sugar coating pans and state-of-the-art coaters places us in a position to satisfy your requirements.

Competence in film coating and enteric coating is a matter of course while our quite recently established silver coating technique with aluminium based gloss is an example for the efforts undertaken to deliver new and attractive solutions to our partners by utilizing our competence in minerals.


It was a logical consequence to transfer the experience in manufacturing of mineral based solid formulations to the manufacturing of liquid formulations. Today the manufacturing and filling of solutions, lotions, and oral suspensions are substantial part of our daily business. Our stirring vessels have capacities up to 3,000kg.


Our filling lines are designed for filling operations under aseptic and sterile conditions. We can offer sterile ampoules from 1ml to 10ml as well as aseptic filling of small bottles, for example eye drops.


  • Blisters (100,000 tablets/hour)
  • Tins (up to 5,000,000 tablets/day)
  • Sachets (up to 35g; 8,000 units/hour)
  • Ampoules (up to 11,000 per hour)
  • Bottles (up to 100ml; 25,000 units/day)
  • Canisters


  • Up-scaling from laboratory to production scale
  • Development, optimisation and validation of formulations and manufacturing processes
  • Analytical support according to customer specification or national/international pharmacopoeias
  • Stability tests according to ICH guidelines
  • Microbiological service
  • Regulatory and registration support according to ICH guidelines
  • GMP manufacturing of clinical trial material


Contract Manufacturing


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