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JUMO – Measurement and Control Systems for the Pharmaceutical Industry

JUMO is a leading manufacturer of measurement and control systems for the pharmaceutical industry. For more than 60 years JUMO has been providing a variety of solutions for the various applications of pharmaceutical engineering.

Whether you want to use the measurement variables of pressure, temperature, conductivity or the pH value to monitor the quality of your product, control cleaning, reduce production costs or improve productivity, JUMO can help with all your problems and provide individual solutions. As a partner of this industry, JUMO provides the necessary know-how and experience for numerous procedures and diverse processes.

Pharmaceutical temperature probes

JUMO provides a wide range of temperature probes and transmitters. Temperature is measured in many applications in the pharmaceutical industry. Whether you are manufacturing in a high or low temperature range, you can rely on the accuracy of our temperature probes. We also have the right probe for processes that are subject to extreme conditions and vast temperature fluctuations.

For enclosed and hygienic processes, we can provide you with the relevant pockets and EHEDG-certified products made from 1.4404/1.4435 (316L) stainless steel. These are electro polished as standard and manufactured with a roughness Ra ≤0.8µm.

JUMO Wtrans is the ideal product if you cannot use a cable; for example, in rotating containers, or at great heights. The measurement value, precisely and wirelessly transmitted, is flexible in use.

Pressure measuring instruments

To stop micro-organisms multiplying, technical requirements relevant to hygiene in the pharmaceutical industry are linked to measures such as hygienic design, cleaning and disinfection technology. Two crucial measurement variables here are process pressure and liquid level.

JUMO provides a variety of proven and reliable pressure measuring instruments with different front-flush process connections, to meet these requirements. Remote seals for contaminated, extremely hot, highly-viscous or particularly corrosive media and measuring instruments with CIP and SIP capability (up to 200°C), complete the product range.

There can be direct contact between the hot medium and a stainless steel or ceramic membrane. Some plant builders even have to install several connection systems, to attend to different end customers. In view of the economic aspect, and for the sake of convenience, a modular, elastomer-sealed process connection adapter system, the JUMO PEKA, has been designed and certified in compliance with EHEDG guidelines and FDA-compliant seals.

Measuring instruments and sensors for liquid chemical measurements

JUMO also provides measuring instruments and sensors for liquid chemical measurements. There is a balanced and proven product range available for the most common parameters, such as pH, redox and electrolytic conductivity.

When packaging, bottles and systems are disinfected, the measurement technology can monitor this for free chlorine, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid and ozone.

Conductivity probes

In addition to the tried and tested CTI-750 inductive conductivity measuring instruments in plastic or stainless-steel housing, the delivery programme for CIP / SIP systems now also includes the tecLine Lf-4P conductive four-pin conductivity probe. Holders and fittings with the usual process connections found in food technology are available for these sensors. Constructed from FDA-listed materials and with a vast number of different process connection types manufactured in accordance with EHEDG guidelines, these electrodes are guaranteed to be safe for use in hygienic applications.

Recorders for pharmaceutical process monitoring

A lot of processes in the pharmaceutical industry have to be monitored. For measurement control, you can connect your measuring points to the JUMO LOGOSCREEN es recorder. The JUMO LOGOSCREEN es meets the requirements of FDA 21 CFR Part 11


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